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Circles are as important as rows

Watch the video below and hear Kiko & Danielle's story.

We believe that spiritual growth happens best in the context of small, intimate gatherings where like-minded believers can develop genuine friendships, experience authentic Christian community, and grow in our understanding and application of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Waipuna Chapel Life Groups meet throughout the week, on campus and in private homes.

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Are you a new believer, or have you been away for a while? 

Join us for a life group introducing the basics of our faith as we journey together and learn about community and conversation with God. This Next Steps Group will be led by the Next Steps Leadership Team and is a great place to ask questions about the church, the Bible and to grow in your relationship with Jesus.

8 spots available.

January 12 and 19 from 8:45-9:45am

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Many of our Life Groups choose to do our

weekly sermon based studies

Each week we post Life Group Study questions based on the content of the weekend teaching. These studies are a great way to help you dig deeper in the text and discuss questions and observations within a small group context. Click on the title to download the study guide.

"The King and the Cross" - A Study Through The Gospel of Mark

Week 22 (November 8/10): The Gospel of Mark #22 "The Rich" (Pastor Kaipo Thomas)

Week 21 (November 1/3): The Gospel of Mark #21 "Two Become One (Divorce & Remarriage)" (Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 20 (October 25/27): The Gospel of Mark #20 "Sin Is Serious--Hell Is Real" (Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 19 (October 18/20): The Gospel of Mark #19 "Deepest Longing" (Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 18 (October 11/13): The Gospel of Mark #18 "Eyes of Grace" (Pastor Joshua Marburger)

Week 17 (October 4/6): The Gospel of Mark #17 "Deaf & Blind" (Pastor Shaun Waite)

"Breathing Room"

Week 4 (Sept 27 / 29) Breathing Room: Creating Margin In A Chaotic World "Relationships" (Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 3 (September 20 / 22) Breathing Room: Creating Margin In A Chaotic World "Money" (Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 2 (September 13 / 15) Breathing Room: Creating Margin In A Chaotic World "Time" (Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 1 (September 6 / 8) Breathing Room: Creating Margin In A Chaotic World "Squeezed" (Pastor Shaun Waite)

"The King and the Cross" - A Study Through The Gospel of Mark

The Bible Project " The Gospel of Mark" Video

Week 16 (August 30 / September 1): The Gospel of Mark #16 "In Or Out?" (Pastor Joshua Marburger)

Week 15 (August 23/25): The Gospel of Mark #15 "The Gospel Vs. Religion" (Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 14 (August 16/18): The Gospel of Mark #14 "Hungry" (Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 13 (August 9/14): The Gospel of Mark #13 "Raised Then Rejected" (Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 12 (August 2/4): The Gospel of Mark #12 "Storms & Demons" (Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 11 (July 26/28): The Gospel of Mark #11 "Response"(Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 10 (July 19/21):  The Gospel of Mark #10 "Unforgiveable"(Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 9 (July 12/14):  The Gospel of Mark #9 "Called" (Pastor Shaun Waite)

Psalms: "Prayer - Pain - Praise - Prophecy"

Week 1 (May 24/26):  Psalms part 1Psalm 23(Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 2 (May 31/June 2): Psalms part 2: Psalm 19 (Pastor Joshua Marburger)

Week 3 (June 7/9): Psalms part 3: Prayer throughout the Psalms(Ben Hunt)

Week 4 (June 14/16): Psalms part 4: Pain in the Psalms (Pastor Trevor Hilman)

Week 5 (June 21/23): Psalms part 5: Persecution in the Psalms (Andrew Richards )

Week 6 (June 28/30): Psalms part 6: Jesus in the Psalms (Prophecy) (Pastor Kaipo Thomas)

Week 7 (July 5/7): Title: The Cost of Discipleship (Pastor Kaipo Thomas)


Previous Teaching Series on Relationships: "What Happy Couples Know"

Week 1 (April 26/28):  What Happy Couples Know #1"Nothing"(Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 2 (May 3/5): What Happy Couples Know #2: "It's Mutual" (Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 3 (May 10/12): What Happy Couples Know #3: "Throwing Things" (Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 4 (May 17-May 18): What Happy Couples Know #4: "Choose" (Pastor Shaun Waite)


Easter Series: Radical Love

April 12/14: What Kind of Love is This?

(Pastor Shaun Waite)

April 19: Good Friday - Love's Cost

(Pastor Joshua Marburger)

One Service at 7:00pm

April 21: Easter Sunday - There is Nothing Religious About it

(Pastor Shaun Waite)

Three services: 8:00, 9:30 & 11:00am


"The King and the Cross" - A Study Through The Gospel of Mark

Week 1 (Feb. 15/17):  The Gospel of Mark #1: "Introduction"

(Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 2 (Feb. 22/24):  The Gospel of Mark #2: " Trinity"

(Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 3 (March 1/3):  The Gospel of Mark #3: "Temptation"

(Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 4 (March 8/10):  The Gospel of Mark #4: "Follow"

(Pastor Joshua Marburger)

Week 5 (Mar. 15/17):  The Gospel of Mark #5: "Authority"

(Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 5 (Mar. 22/24):  The Gospel of Mark #6: "Authority To Forgive Sin"

(Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 6 (Mar. 29/31):  The Gospel of Mark #7: " Pursuit"

(Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 7 (Apr. 5/7):  The Gospel of Mark #8: " Sabbath"

(Pastor Kaipo Thomas)


previous teaching series


February 8/10 - The Divine Mentor

Title: The Divine Mentor #1: "The Divine Mentor"

(Pastor Shaun Waite)


January 25/27 -  Vision Weekend: Celebrating 2018

and Looking to 2019

Title: The Role We Play

(Pastor Shaun Waite)

February 1/3: God's Invisible Creation

Teaching: Dr. John & Vicki Draeger

Text: Psalm 19:1


Advent Conspiracy Christmas Series

Week 1 (Nov.30-Dec.2):

Advent Conspiracy #1: Worship Fully

(Pastor Kaipo Thomas)

Week 2 (Dec.9/11):

Advent Conspiracy #2: "Spend Less"

(Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 3 (Dec.16/18):

Advent Conspiracy #3: "Give More"

(Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 4 (Dec.21/23):

Advent Conspiracy #4: "Love All"

(Pastor Shaun Waite)

"Acts: The Revolution Continues"

Week 1 (Oct. 3/5):  Introduction " The Power, The Purpose, The Plan"

(Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 2 (Oct.12/14): part 2 - "The Church is Born"

(Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 3 (Oct. 19/21): part 3 - "Supernatural God"

(Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 4 (Oct. 26/28): part 4 - "The Inclusive Exclusivity of the Gospel"

(Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 5 (Nov. 2/4): part 5 - "Generosity, Hypocrisy & Awe"

(Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 6 (Nov. 9/11): part 6 - "Whatever the Price"

(Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 7 (Nov. 16/18): part 7 - "Scattered To Grow"

(Pastor Shaun Waite)

Week 8 (Nov. 23/25): part 8 - "Saved By Grace"

(Pastor Shaun Waite)

Acts Week 9 (Dec.28-30): part 9 - "Tearing Down The Walls"

(Pastor Joshua Marburger)

Acts Week 10 (Jan.4-6): part 10 -" Earnest Prayer, Open Prisons"

(Pastor Shaun Waite)

Acts Week 11 (Jan. 11-13): part 11 - "The Nature of the Gospel"

(Pastor Shaun Waite)

Acts Week 12 (Jan. 18-20): part 12 - "To The Ends of the Earth"

(Pastor Shaun Waite)

New Starting Point GROUP Happening Soon

- Next Group Beings January 8 for 8 Wednesdays from 6-7:30pm

- Journey with us exploring Faith in JEsus

- especially geared for new believers, those who have been away from the church for a while, or anyone wanting a refresher on the basics of christianity

• If Interested, Please Contact:

We are always starting new groups

Waipuna Chapel has a diverse array of Life Groups

that meet throughout the week.

Our groups are led by mature believers that have a heart to love God and serve others. 

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Life Group Resources

In addition to RIGHTNOW MEDIA, we also have Devotionals and Life Group Coaching available below

to help you grow in your faith journey.

Please connect by emailing for more info on these resources.

Life Group Leader Connect:

Whether you lead a life group at Waipuna or simply desire to learn more about leadership, these short videos will bring perspective and power to your life as you love God, love others, and serve the world.