life groups

We believe circles are as important as rows

Watch the short video below for an invitation to Life Groups from Joshua & Nicole

We believe that spiritual growth happens best in the context of small, intimate gatherings where like-minded believers can develop genuine friendships, experience authentic Christian community, and grow in our understanding
and application of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Waipuna Chapel Life Groups meet throughout the week, on campus
and in private homes.




Once Upon A Marriage

May 13-15 | Pastor Shaun Waite

part 3: Unfailing Love l Hosea 1:2-

(study guide)

May 6-8 | Pastor Shaun Waite

part 3: Faithful or Faithless l Genesis 12:11-13

(study guide)

April 29/May 1 | Pastor Joshua Marburger

part 2: Power Struggle | 1 Kings 21:25

(study guide)

April 22-24 | Pastor Shaun Waite

part 1: Never Satisfied | Genesis 29:16-17

(study guide)

Bad Boys of Easter

April 17 Easter Sunday | Pastor Shaun Waite

part 3: 12 Feet of Separation

April 8-10 | Pastor Shaun Waite

Judas: The Pretender
(study guide)

April 1-3 | Pastor Kaipo Thomas

part 1: Caiaphas
(study guide)

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

March 25-27 | Pastor Joshua Marburger

Part 8 Incarnation: Loving Well
(study guide)

March 18-20 | Pastor Joshua Marburger

Part 7  Embrace Grief and Loss
(study guide)

March 11-13 | Pastor Shaun Waite

Part 6  Stop To Breathe
(study guide)

March 4-6 | Pastor Shaun Waite

Part 5  Receive the Gift of Limits
(study guide)

February 25-27 | Pastor Shaun Waite

Part 4  Brokenness and Vulnerability | John 1-3
(study guide)

February 18-20 | Pastor Shaun Waite

Part 3  Break the Power of the Past | Genesis 12:1-2
(study guide)

February 11-13 | Pastor Shaun Waite

Part 2  Look Beneath the Surface | Luke 4:1-2
(study guide)

February 4-6 | Pastor Shaun Waite

Part 1  The Place of Pain | Matthew 26:36-42
(study guide)

Simple: Follow - Believe - Obey

January 7-9 | Pastor Kaipo Thomas

Part 1  Follow | Matthew 9:9-12
(study guide)

January 21-23 | Pastor Shaun Waite

Part 2  Follow | Romans 3:21-26
(study guide)

January 28-30 | Pastor Joshua Marburger

Part 3  Obey | Matthew 7:21-26
(study guide)

Standalone Message

January 14-16, 2022  |  Pastor Shaun Waite

Vision Weekend: A Celebration of what God has done in 2021 and a look towards 2022.

Standalone Message

January 2, 2022  |  Pastor Joshua Marburger

New Year New You: Do vs Done | 2 Corinthians 5:17

(study guide)

Christmas: It's All Good

December 26 | Pastor Shaun Waite
Part 3  Be The News | Matthew 5:14-16
(study guide)

December 17-19 | Pastor Shaun Waite
Part 1  Better Than True | Luke 1:1-4
(study guide)

You're Not The Boss Of Me

How To Say No To The Emotions That Compete For Control

November 5-7 | Pastor Shaun Waite
Part 1  From The Heart | Matthew 15:17-20
(study guide)

November 12/14 | Pastor Shaun Waite
Part 2  Guilt | Romans 8:1-4
(study guide)

November 19/21 | Pastor Shaun Waite
Part 3  Envy | Proverbs 14:30; Ecclesiastes 4:4-8
(study guide)

November 26/28 | Pastor Shaun Waite
Part 4  Anger | James 3:13- 4:2
(study guide)

December 3-5 | Pastor Shaun Waite
Part 5  Fear | Matthew 14:22-27
(study guide)

December 10-12| Pastor Shaun Waite
Part 6  Undercover Boss | Matthew 18:15-17
(study guide)

Standalone Message

October 29-31  |  Children's Director Maureen Keirnes Farewell Retirement Message | Hebrews 12:1-40

Title: Legacy: Living A Life That Outlasts You

(study guide)

James: A Faith That Works

The Letter of James Overview from "The Bible Project" Video

July 31-August 1 | Pastor Shaun Waite
Part 1  "Brother/Servant"  | James 1:1
(study guide)

August 6-8 | Pastor Shaun Waite
Part 2  "Trials/Temptations"  | James 1:2-18
(study guide)

August 13-15 | Pastor Joshua Marburger
Part 3  "Human Doings?"  | James 1:19-26
(study guide)

August 20-22 | Pastor Kaipo Thomas
Part 4  "Judgment/Mercy"  | James 1:26–2:13
(study guide)

August 27-29 | Pastor Kaipo Thomas
Part 5  "Faith/Works"  | James 2:14-26
(study guide)

September 3-5 | Pastor Trevor Hilman
Part 6  "Blessing or Curse: The Power of the Tongue"  | James 3:1-12
(study guide)

September 10-12 | Pastor Shaun Waite
Part 7  "False Wisdom/True Wisdom"  | James 3:13-18
(study guide)

September 17-19 | Pastor Shaun Waite
Part 8  "False Wisdom/True Wisdom"  | James 4:1-12
(study guide)

September 24-26 | Pastor Shaun Waite
Part 9  "Arrogance/Humility"  | James 4:13-17
(study guide)

October 1-3 | Pastor Shaun Waite
Part 10  "Oppressor/Laborer"  | James 5:1-6
(study guide)

October 8-10 | Pastor Shaun Waite
Part 11  "Suffering/Comfort"  | James 5:7-12
(study guide)

October 15-17 | Pastor Shaun Waite
Part 12  "Faithful/Faithless"  | James 5:13-18
(study guide)

October 22-24 | Pastor Joshua Marburger
Part 13  "Wanderer/Restorer"  | James 5:19-20
(study guide)

David: The Life of a King

[Content Courtesy of North Point Ministries, Inc - Limited License Agreement]

June 18-20
Part 1  "Reluctant Hero"  1 Samuel 17:12-16, Psalm 25:1-5
(study guide)

June 25-27

Part 2 "Killer Giants" 1 Samuel 17:45-49, Psalm 9:9-10

(study guide)

July 2-4

Part 3 "The Abigail Way" 1 Samuel 25:2-42, 1 Peter 9:3-11

(study guide)

July 9-11

Part 4 "The Great King" 2 Samuel 5:1-4, John 13:1-5

(study guide)

July 16-18

Part 5 "When Dreams Can't Come True" 2 Samuel 18:31-33,
 (study guide)

Standalone Message

June 11-13    
Biblical Wisdom: A Discussion Amongst Sages - Ecclesiastes 12:13

Steve & Melissa Woodard of Wycliffe Bible Translators

Always, Only, Jesus - A Study Through Colossians

April 16-18  
Part 1  "The Gospel"  Pastor Shaun Waite Colossians 1:1-14
(study guide)

April 23-25
Part 2  "Preeminence"  Pastor Shaun Waite Colossians 1:15-23
(study guide)

April 30/May 2
Part 3 "Stewardship of the Mystery"  Shaun Waite Colossians 1:15-23
(study guide)

May 7/9

Part 4 "Built Up" Pastor Shaun Waite Colossians 2:6-15
(study guide)

May 14/16  

Part 5 "Identity" Shaun Waite Colossians 2:16-23 
(study guide)

May 21/23
Part 6  "New Self"  Shaun Waite Colossians 3:1-17 
(study guide)

May 28/30
Part 7 "Know Your Audience"   Shaun Waite Colossians 3:18-4:1
(study guide)

June 4/6
Part 8 "Walk In Wisdom" Joshua Marburger Colossians 4:2-18
(study guide)

"How Spiritually Mature Are You" (Download E Book)

Standalone Message

April 9-11 "A New Commandment
"  John 13:34-45 Pastor Kaipo Thomas (study guide)


8 Week Groups Meeting At Different Times Throughout The Year

If you are a "Seeker" who is curious about Christianity, a "Starter" whom is new to a relationship with Jesus or a  "Returner" who has been away from church for a while' Starting Point is the group for you. This is a comfortable, conversational environment where you will learn about God's story and your place in it. Starting Point will help you experience Christian community and explore and understand key truths of the Christian faith.

Current Starting Point group is meeting until end of May.

If you are interested in joining this group contact or signup online

Group is led by Todd & Agnes Nolan & Suzanne Collum


2 Week Life Group on Sunday Mornings During 1st Service

Are you a new believer, or have you been away for a while? 
Join us for this life group introducing the basics of our faith as we journey together and learn about community and conversation with God. This Next Steps Group will be led by the Next Steps Leadership Team and is a great place to ask questions about the church, the Bible and to grow in your relationship with Jesus.

Only 8 spots available.

Next Group Will Be Gathering For Two Sundays in the end of May

8:45-9:45am In Large Office below Sanctuary

Register Here

If you are interested in joining this group contact or signup online

We are always starting new groups

Waipuna Chapel has a diverse array of Life Groups

that meet throughout the week.

Our groups are led by mature believers that have a heart to love God and serve others. 

Interested In Leading A Group? Connect With Us:


Profile Of A Disciple

Life Group Resources


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In addition to RIGHTNOW MEDIA,
we have Devotionals and Life Group Encouragement available below.

Whether you lead a life group at Waipuna or simply desire to learn more about leadership,
these short videos will bring perspective and power to your life as you love God, love others,
and serve the world.